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How To Defend Against A Knife Assault

Quick question, What would you do if someone attacked you with a knife?

Everyone worries about what they would do, or should do, if they are attacked...

If the situation ever happens, you really have only ONE CHANCE to get it right!

The World is unpredictable...

One day you could be walking to the shop to buy a drink and within a instance, be involved in a confrontation with life-changing consequences.

But it doesn't have to be life-changing, if you know what to do in this scenario.

This training shows you everything you need to know to deal with these situations with ease and confidence.

By The End, You'll Be Able To...
  • Defend instantly against common knife attacks: Straight Thrusts, Ice Picks, Side Slashes, Back Slashes
  •  The mindset you MUST HAVE in order to survive against a knife attack
  •  The Vital Technique you need to avoid getting cut or stabbed!
  •  Defenses Against All The Basic Knife Attacks you are likely to be met with. Learning these techniques will ensure that when it comes down to a real, life and death situation, you'll always come out on top!
  •  Fight-Ending Techniques that will put your attacker down for the count!

And Most Importantly, The One Thing You Should NEVER Do in This Situation.

(This could be the biggest mistake in your life and lead to devastating consequences).

We all want to be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Leave nothing to chance!

Make sure that you don't become "just another statistic". Be prepared to protect yourself in any circumstance!


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