Close Quarter Combat Chi Sau DVD - CLEARANCE

Close Quarter Combat Chi Sau DVD - CLEARANCE

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Develop Lighting-Fast Reflexes And React in Split-Seconds

One of the major components of Wing Chun is Chi Sau, also known as "sticky hands".

Chi Sau teaches you how to feel and sense the intent and direction of your opponent without necessarily seeing them...

Improving your reaction time and giving you a major advantage!

This Closed-Door Chi Sau Training Will Show You How to:

  •  Fight faster than the eyes can see
  • How to fight automatically by programmed muscle reflex - without thinking at all
  •  Instant counters to single, and one-two punch attacks!
  •  How to defend and attack at the same time with four unknown but powerful techniques!
  •   How to follow up automatically with  successive attacks if your initial attack is blocked.
...And So Much More!

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