Combat Ability Enhancement Program - BUNDLE DISCOUNT - $200 OFF!

Combat Ability Enhancement Program - BUNDLE DISCOUNT - $200 OFF!

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"3 (Hidden) Ways To Make You Stronger..."

COURSE #1: Essential Knife Defense ($129 Value)

"Develop Situation Awareness And Tactical Advantage"

By The End, You'll Be Able To:
  • How to defend instantly against common knife attacks: Straight Thrusts, Ice Picks, Side Slashes, Back Slashes
  •  The Vital Technique you need to avoid getting cut or stabbed!
  •  Defenses Against All The Basic Knife Attacks you are likely to be met with. Learning these techniques will ensure that when it comes down to a real, life and death situation, you'll always come out on top!
  •  Fight-Ending Techniques that will put your attacker down for the count!
COURSE #2: Close Quarter Combat Chi Sau ($129 Value)

"Develop Lighting-Fast Reflexes And Split-Second Reaction Speed"

This Closed-Door Chi Sau Training Will Show You How to:
  •  Fight faster than the eyes can see
  • How to fight automatically by programmed muscle reflex - without thinking at all
  •  Instant counters to single, and one-two punch attacks!
  •  How to defend and attack at the same time with four unknown but powerful techniques!
  •   How to follow up automatically with  successive attacks if your initial attack is blocked.
COURSE #2: Ancient Qi Gong Secrets For Mind and Body ($69 Value)

"Develop Explosive, Relaxed Power "Chi" Like The Ancient Martial Arts Masters"

By Practising Qi Gong, You'll Be Able To:
  • Hit with tremendous, explosive power while relaxed
  • Be stronger with less effort
  • Better stamina because your movements are more efficient
  • Relieve Stress
  • Stronger Bones & Joints
  • Less injury
  • Better cardiovascular system
  • Maintain Health 
  • Prevent Illness
  • And a lot more...
With these 3 courses, you will be able to increase your inner strength in ways that are not obvious to the naked eye.  Your combat ability will be "More than meets the eye" to speak.

While most people think of strength as equal to bigger muscles, and aggressive  looking tattoos, there is real strength that lies deeper in true martial arts masters.  Like the tip of an iceberg, what you see on the surface is only a tiny part of what really is underneath.

How do you gain this power?  You can start by getting this bundle:

Get 3 Courses For Price Of 1!

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